PiLite -Threat Management

Malware Repository Sandboxing Capable File System Scanner and Email Scanner

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PiLite - Malware Protection

Malware are like Insects

Small, snuky, omnipresent and no central place to look for them, built to dig holes in our pockets.

Takes one to know one

With several new malware every second, it's hard to identify one, unless you let it dance

Conventional is old school

Today's Volume and portability is a challenge to systems developed do far

The Solution

PiLite is dedicated to making internet a secure and safer medium for over lives

85% Malware Coverage
Our meticulously chosen huge database of malware covers 85% of most angerous malwares and keeps growing in all aspects

Artificial Intelligence
Malwares are detected on the basis of their behavior and classified taxonomically

Highly Scalabl
Can serve number of customer with millions of requests per minute, with minimal downtime and no restrictions to data upload

Fastest Sandbox Lookup
C++ extensible API, first ever AI enabled sandbox


Web Servers


Database Servers


Application Servers


Email Servers

Available for

PiLite for

Email Security

  • PiLite as an email security app not just provides the security for your mails but for your device too.
  • No more Business Emails Compromised.
  • With the most advance AI on the device, PiLite keeps you safe from fraudsters.
  • Get complete device security from all kinds of the viruses and malware.
  • Support across all major platforms including Android, iOS and Windows

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